Available courses

Recognising the constantly evolving challenges to the Church, St Cyril’s has developed a ‘Continuing Priest Development (CPD)’ Program for all clergy under His Grace Bishop Daniel. This program will be facilitated by St. Cyril’s in a similar fashion to other professional continuing development programs. It aims to equip priests with ongoing education and will focus more on practical issues in ministry, as well as applied theology. Priests will be constantly updated and trained in meeting the evolving needs of their congregations.

This course unit examines the literature and theological content of Paul, with due consideration of their historical, cultural and religious settings. It will also seek to develop a patristic, Orthodox, and authentic understanding of the Pauline corpus.

This graduate course unit explores representatives of the Alexandrian Patristic tradition from the second to the fifth century within their historical milieu, their connections with other strands of tradition, and their lasting significance for the history of theology and the Christian experience.

This unit shows how the understanding and practice of mission has evolved throughout the centuries in response to the changing needs of the world. It introduces students to the contemporary theological understandings and entry points for mission. It also aims to create an increased understanding of missiology in the Orthodox Christian context and to prepare students for living the challenges of the “Great Commission” with a stronger scriptural, theological and practical methodology.